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Name: Lucía Andrea Larenas Mahn
Country: Chile
Art Type: Drawing - Painting
Date of Birth: 18-Jul-1976

Artwork of Lucía Andrea Larenas Mahn

Title: Namaskar in times of chaos (2008)
Size: 50 x 140 cms
Medium: Oil on canvas
Price: USD 1,200 + shipping&handling
Title: Gaia (2009)
Size: 65 x 82 cms
Medium: Oil on canvas
Price: USD 1,200 + shipping&handling
Title: Kalachakra (2009)
Size: 120 x 120 cms
Medium: Oil on canvas
Price: USD 1,150 + shipping&handling
Title: Angel from the doorway and spheres
Size: 160 x 90 cms
Medium: Oil on canvas
Price: USD 1,300 + shipping&handling
Title: Silence (2008)
Size: 140 x 60 cms
Medium: Oil on canvas
Price: USD 1,200 + shipping&handling


- Fine Arts Faculty, Vina del Mar, Chile
- Hernan Valdovinos Academy


- 2009 "Round attitudes", Sala Blanco gallery, Concepcion
- 2006 "Universes and spheres", Del Mar University, Iquique
- 2005 "Integrated and the universe", Cultural Center of the A. Prat University, Astoreca Palace, Iquique
- 2004 "Integrated", Codelco Norte corporate building, Calama
- 2004 "Integrated", Pablo Neruda hall, Calama
- 2004 "Human Factor", Balmaceda 1215, Valparaiso
- 2004 Conference Town Hotel, Reñaca

- 2006 "Visual Arts in Iquique", Casa Collahuasi hall, Iquique
- 2005 "Engatuzarte", A. Prat University Cultural Center, Astoreca Palace, Iquique
- 2003 "Art and Nature", Museum of Fine Arts, Viña del Mar
- 2003 "Oil and watercolor paintings", Espacio hall, Viña del Mar

- 2007 "Spheres and universes," rights of artowork acquired by Riato Flanders Tapestries (gobelins), Belgium
- 2005 "Vertebrates of the Loa", illustrations for the published book, study of birds in watercolor, Phrinosaura publishing house

Artist's statement:

Building is in thinking about the origin. The origin of universe, the origin of life, the origin of the human soul. Cosmological restlessness. In this mysterious context ideas, intuitions and questions flow. We love the dance of the stars, we get confused with the chaos of the stars and celestial bodies collapse. If humans beings are growing and spinning, like a planet, then we also disintegrate and become part of the cosmic soup, over and over again?. "Star Dust" (Carl Sagan). In the visual representation, the image of a woman is that of the Earth as nature, Humanity with no gender distinction and, also, the mental world that binds us all with one thing in common: order and chaos. Order in "cental" postitions, in reflexivity, in tranquility. Chaos with thought extensions like those of Medusa's hair: the one whoturns you into stone through fear. The shaped full of light emerge from the surrounding darkness, just like a planet or a star shine in the dark universe. And there is no light without shadow and no shadow without light. Circle, sphere, this line has no end.

"Art is not the mere reproduction of an ended reality. It is rather one of the ways that lead to an objective vision of things and of human life. It's not an imitation but a discovery of reality." -Ernst Cassirer.

"The painting that tends to create its own universe, becomes a means capable of opening reality to the conscience." -Hans Georg Gadamer

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