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Name: Daniela Walker Frías
Country: Chile
Art Type: Engraving
Date of Birth: 16-Jun-1977

Artwork of Daniela Walker Frías

Title: Cesare
Size: 45 x 36 cms
Medium: Woodcut
Price: USD 100 + shipping&handling
Title: Escape
Size: 38 x 27 cms
Medium: Metal engraving
Price: USD 130 + shipping&handling
Title: Prelude
Size: 50 x 35 cms
Medium: Metal engraving
Price: USD 200 + shipping&handling
Title: Urizen
Size: 50 x 33 cms
Medium: Metal engraving
Price: USD 150 + shipping&handling


- Bachelor in Arts, Catholic University, Chile


The stages in my plastic work have always been determined by the technique.

My first approach to the engraving was the woodcut and, at that stage, I was concerned about achieving an expressive image, taking as an inspiration the German expressionist movies. Later, while in an exchange programme at "The Glasgow School of Arts", I took advantage of its facilities of the same to change the technique to metal engraving. The result was an artist book artist, a tiny graphic novel; my reference for it was the graphic style of the alternative comic or graphic novel, without leaving aside the concern for an "expressive" image.

After returning to Chile I once again switched techniques, in the search of a particular type of image, as well as a larger size. After many turns I ended up doing blueprints (photocopies of drawings), which enabled me to work in a giant poster format and combine collage and drawing.

Failing to find a solution to avoid the deterioration of the heliographic printing, I went back to metal engraving. This time, my topics focused on the romantic vision of landscape, which leaked from my previous stage, only in a more "classic" way this time.

Artist's statement:

Romantic landscape, light and shade (the shade), German expressionist cinema and contemporary alternative comics.

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