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Name: Jimmy Watt Abarca
Country: Chile
Art Type: Digital art - Drawing - Photography - Painting
Date of Birth: 30-Jul-1975

Artwork of Jimmy Watt Abarca

Title: You better believe in the footsteps
Size: 40 x 120 cms
Price: USD 4,500 + shipping&handling
Title: Goodbye to the patriarchs
Size: 100 x 100 cms
Price: USD 6,000 + shipping&handling
Title: Chroma intermodal
Size: 120 x 120 cms
Price: USD 6,000 + shipping&handling


- Many in Chile and abroad.

Artist's statement:

Art and sound are linked disciplines, in both a recurring topic is emptiness, the state of introspection, the semideep coma, the investigation of the "icon", the symbol itself.

The use of symbolism is recurrent, but not symbols coming from outside or the surroundings, but rather symbol which talk about what is not seen, of the minimal, of what we don't touch or read, but what is drawn in a a state of semiconsciousness.

I use monochrome colour in subsequent phases. Today, for example, I'm living a deep chroma phase, but in restricted areas.

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