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Name: Lorena Soledad Véliz Flores
Country: Chile
Art Type: Drawing - Painting
Date of Birth: 03-Feb-1970

Artwork of Lorena Soledad Véliz Flores

Title: The tree of memory
Size: 70 x 100 cms
Medium: Oil on canvas
Price: USD 1,200 + shipping&handling
Title: Man lost in an intellectual labyrinth
Size: 150 x 140 cms
Medium: Oil on canvas
Price: USD 2,000 + shipping&handling
Title: Childhood labyrinth with extinguished bandurria
Size: 100 x 70 cms
Medium: Oil on canvas
Price: USD 1,200 + shipping&handling
Title: Procession
Size: 70 x 125 cms
Medium: Oil on canvas
Price: USD 1,450 + shipping&handling
Title: Portrait of the man who contemplates his labyrinth
Size: 130 x 130 cms
Medium: Oil and charcoal on canvas
Price: USD 2,000 + shipping&handling
Title: Afternoon at the boarding school. Childhood labyrinth.
Size: 70 x 100 cms
Medium: Oil on canvas
Price: USD 1,200 + shipping&handling
Title: Variations of the unadvisable
Size: 70 x 90 cms
Medium: Oil on canvas
Price: USD 1,500 + shipping&handling


- Bachelor of Arts, Minor in Painting, University of Chile,
- University Education Diploma, University Autonoma of Chile
- Candidate for Masters in Management and Teaching


- 1990-1993 Black series (chiaroscurok influence from the colonial painting)
- 1994-1999 Surreal landscapes and dreamlike landscape and emtional works
- 2000-2007 Magical figuration, murals in public works
- 2008- Present Paintings with folk heritage and abstract landscapes influence


- 2007 Regional Fondart, Urban Mural Gallery of San Felipe, July-December 2007
- 2006 First place in regional mural competition: La Calera Cultural Corporation, Cemento Melon-Lafarge
- 2006 Innovation award, Corporation Pro Aconcagua, "Heritage Touristic highway" project, Rural Hostal Rayoceronte
- 2005 "Prominent woman in the artistic field," PRODEMU, San Felipe province, International Women's Day
- 2005 Woman of the Year Award in the province of San Felipe, given by El Observador newspaper
- 2004 First place in regional mural competitions: Municipality, INJUV, Cultural Corporation, Cemento Melon, La Calera
- 2003 Regional Fondart
- 2003 "Deep root", mural, public work with the Public History and Cultural Heritage of the Municipality Putaendo in front of the national monument Teatro Cervantes
- 2002 Second prize, Painting contest Putaendo Autumn
- 1998 Second prize, "Traditions of San Felipe"
- 1996 First Place, San Felipe Anniversary contest, In Situ painting
- 1994 Declared a distinguished citizen of the municipality of San Felipe, for her contribution in the arts
- 1992 Recognition from the Workers Association of Panquehue municipality, for cultural contribution to the commune
- 1990 First Prize Painting Competition, "Santiago, a name for the arts", Banco de Santiago Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes


- 2008 "Laberintos III", University of Technology INACAP, Viña del Mar
- 2008 "The path of the soul", Extension Center, University of La Serena
- 2007 "Labyrinth II - Cultural Spaces", San Felipe province
- 2007 "That 20 years is nothing", Retrospective Celebrating 20 years of Painting, Gabriel Pando Gallery, Casa del Arte, Talca
- 2006 "Labyrinths", Corporación Cultural de Viña del Mar
- 2006 "Memories of a journey from deep Aconcagua", A Toda Costa Gallery, Algarrobo
- 2005 "Blog of Aconcagua journey from deep, and Center for Restoration Gallery Artium, Santiago
- 1999 "Aerial view of a deep valley", 1987-1999 retrospective, Centro Almendral Gallery, San Felipe
- 1997 "Stories of Malkut", Arte Actual Gallery, La Dehesa, Santiago, Chile
- 1995 "Strong soul minus one", solo show of three artists, Las Condes Cultural Institute, Santiago, Chile
- 1994 "Against spells" Dibujos, Plastica Nueva-Kempinski Gallery, Santiago, Chile
- 1993 "The aroma of the dark elixir", Plastica Nueva Gallery, Santiago, Chile
- 1992 "New district," Homage to the anniversary of the commune of Panquehue, Panquehue City Hall
- 1991 "Lost", Municipal Gallery of San Felipe

She has participated in 51 group exhibitions in Chile and abroad, being the most prominent:
- 2005 Visual Arts Museum, Santa Cruz-Yaconi Collection, Plaza Mulato Gil, Santiago (3 works at CCU virtual museum)
- 2005 "Cerveza Cristal in Art" collection
- 2005 Art Collection of the Bank of A. Edwards
- 2005 Hyatt Regency Hotel, Santiago (14 presidential suites)
- 2005 Casa del Arte de Talca
- 2005 Municipal Gallery of San Felipe
- 2005 Pinacoteque Almendral Center, San Felipe
- 2005 Isabel Aninat and Patricia Ready galleries, among other
- 2005 Private collections: Chile, Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Mexico and United States
- 2005 "New Delhi Triennial", New Delhi, India
- 2003 "XXI century Artists", 3rd Competition and Exhibition, Channel 13, Centro de Extensión Universidad Católica, Santiago, Chile
- 2003 Chilean painting in India, Embassy of Chile in New Delhi, India
- 2003 "Surrealism", a tribute to the 100 years of Salvador Dalí, Gabriela Mistral University Extension Center
- 2000 "Buenos Aires Biennial", Five Painters, Ten Engravers, official Chile delivery
- 2000 "Naked jewels", nude art and jewels, Santiago, Ana Maria Matthei Gallery
- 2000 "Images of the good life", Good Life Corporation, Museum of Contemporary Art
- 2000 "Sensuality in red", Ana Maria Matthei Gallery, Santiago
- 2000 "XXI century Artists", 2nd Competition and Exhibition, Channel 13, Centro de Extensión Universidad Católica, Santiago, Chile
- 1998 "From Realism to experimentation", collective re-opening of Arte Actual Gallery, Catholic University Extension Center, Santiago
- 1998 "Art in the world of coffee", second exhibition and contest of Nescafé Fine Selection, Isabel Aninat Gallery
- 1998 "NYE Bylleder Fra Chile", nee Chilean painting, Danish Parliament, roaming in Denmark on 1998-1999
- 1994 "Let's open a new space", opening exhibition of Isabel Aninat Gallery
- 1992 "The bed in the art," Plastica Nueva Gallery, Santiago
- 1992 "First International Women's Art Exhibition" exhibition in the International Year of Women, Bangkok, Thailand
- 1992 "America, Yesterday and Today" exhibition of Bontá Marco contest, Las Condes Cultural Institute
- 1991 "Art times", Instituto Cultural de Las Condes, Santiago
- 1991 "Artist students III", Plastica Nueva Gallery, Santiago
- 1991 "Art Today, the protagonists of the decade", International Fair of Santiago
- 1991 "Valparaiso X Art Biennial," Valparaíso
- 1988 "The plastic arts from the University of Chile in the Parque Metropolitano," Casa de la Cultura Parque Metropolitano
- 1988 "Santiago, a name for art," exhibition of the first contest of the Bank of Santiago, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Artist's statement:

Lorena Veliz's current work can be defined primarily as a magical figuration. The main topics are the immediate environment, landscape and architectural heritage of houses with a strong filter of emotion and reminiscense. Rather than visible and translated settings, they are "emotional and remembered scenarios", where color has a romantic filter, where what has been lived causes the translation of the formal composition. Also the strong relationship that the artist establishes with the rich heritage of her surroundings, makes the magic, the ritual, the transfiguration of the characters who roam around her artwork full of questions and searching, appear.

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