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Name: Andrés Hermosilla
Country: Chile
Art Type: Painting
Date of Birth: 29-Nov-1958

Artwork of Andrés Hermosilla

Title: Sevillana Flamenco (2000)
Size: 100 x 120 cms
Medium: Mixed on linen
Price: USD 4,000 + shipping&handling
Title: Gitanerías Flamenco (2003)
Size: 150 x 150 cms
Medium: Mixed on linen
Price: USD 6,000 + shipping&handling
Title: Colombiana Flamenca (2008)
Size: 100 x 100 cms
Medium: Mixed on canvas
Price: USD 5,000 + shipping&handling




He is considered as part of the new Chilean abstraction.


In 2008, he was honored at the 1st International Contemporary Art Fair, in Santiago, Chile, with artworks from over 200 artists (Chileans and foreigners); he was selected within three best paintings of the competition (there were no places) by the international curators Idurre Alonso (USA), Julio Sapollnik (Argentina) and Ernesto Munoz (Chile). He was also recently invited and selected to participate in a major collective exhibition: MoLAA Awards 08, at the Museum of Latin American Art, California, USA, where he shared room with major Latin American masters such as Roberto Matta (Chile), Rufino Tamayo (Mexico) , Diego Rivera (Mexico), Wilfredo Lam (Cuba), Osvaldo Guayasamin (Ecuador), José Luis Cuevas (Mexico), Antonio Seguí (Argentina), and David Alfaro Siqueiros (Mexico), among others.

He was also recently honored among the 150 best artists of the world by the Arts Committee of the Olympic Fine Arts 2008 in Beijing, China; his artworks, after being exhibited in that city in 2008, will be displayed in different countries, including Japan, Switzerland, Greece , Hong Kong and the United States, among others. Once back in China, the artworks will become part of the permanent collection of Olympic Fine Arts Museum, which will be inaugurated at the end of the show roaming, on 2010.

In addition, we can highlight his presence at the Museum of Visual Arts in Santiago, Chile; the invitation of the curator Natalia Arcos "5 years international magazine Arte al Límite", being one of the twenty international artists on the cover; the honorable mention of the second "The Color of the South" 1992 contest; the third place he got in the international painting contest "Valdivia and its river" 1992; his classification to representation Chile at the VIII Ibero-American Art Biennial, in Mexico, and his participation as a guest artist at the first International Art Biennial on 360 degrees, in Chile.


Since 1976 he has participated in 23 solo shows, and 63 collective exhibitions in galleries, museums and cultural entities in Chile, Spain, China, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay and the United States.

Artist's statement:

My artwork has always had an expressive, independent, and original style, without influence of castrated academics, as my particular way of seeing art is, above all, creative and in search for permanent creation.

I work since 1999 to incorporate to the flamenco art, painting, as this Andalusian art has always been expressed only through singing, dancing and music; that's why I've been called "pintaor" by several Spanish media. The concept of my artwork is to contribute flamenco to the visual arts, where color, movement and passion dominate.

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